Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On My Desk - Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

It has been a very productive week in the studio. I finished my Art Swap and have packaged it up ready to go to Two Cold Feet. Pop back on Friday if you would like to see what it looks like. I can't wait to show.

I also put together a little package of goodness for Kyla at Two Peas In a Pod who fell in love with some buttons I posted about. They are heading your way shortly Kyla.

I got up to some other tricks as well. Is your name on one of these tags?

Well that means that you can expect a treat from BigCat in the post some time soon. I was so grateful to all the lovely women that joined in my art swap that I made a tiny little something for each of them. I also made a tiny something for Liz of Betty Jo Designs because I love my new brooch so much. I have been so humbled by my sojourn into Blogland. I am constantly amazed by the generosity and sense of community that exists here. I feel so lucky to have made so many new friends from near and far. So, this is my little attempt at saying thank you to the universe for taking such good care of me.

Do you wish that your name was on one of those tags? Well, I would love to put it on one. I recently joined a pay-it-forward that Anastasia at Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming was passing along. Now I am looking for 2 people who would like to join in. The way it works is that you sign up and some time in the next 365 days I will send you a surprise in the mail. In return you agree that you will pay the kindness forward to at least 1 other person (you can do more if you want to) in the 365 days after you join in. Simple. Lots of lovely goodies traversing the globe and making the world a better place. If you would like to join in then let me know.


CurlyPops said...

That's so sweet of you to make us all a nice little gifty! My art piece is all ready to be photographed in the morning and then sent off into the big wide world!

Shellbells said...

What a sweetie you are!! Now i have 2 things to look forward to. Have just taken pictures of mine and will post going to be away/busy most of tomorrow. Is that alright??? Am sure Curly pops won't mind!! Thanks again for letting me participate.

Tessa said...

I was in deep thought today about when I would post about my art swap item. Australia is a day ahead so I finally decided that instead of posting a day late (for you anyway) I will post a day in advance. So tonight I will photograph my item and do a nice little post so in the morning when you awake and you post I will have posted as well!

Thank you for organizing this little swap! It has been fun and is exciting to connect people with similar interests from different ages and backgrounds throughout the world! I hope we do another one soon!

Happy Trails!

Kyla said...

This is sooo exciting. I love getting mail. Thank you agian. I cant wait.

Danielle said...

Looking forward to seeing your goodies on Friday!! I totally agree about the loveliness of the world of blog. I have had such encouraging comments from other crafters (including Big Cat!). I would also love to play along with your pay it forward :)