Friday, February 22, 2008


Confession Number 1. I like blogging. It is a great form of self expression and fulfills my long held desire to write. I find it so carthatic to get all the stuff that circles around in my head out into the wider universe. I'm also pleased to realise that I'm not offending anyone with outrageous self indulgence as I haven't really told anyone that I have a blog, and even if I do get brave enough to do so, they don't have to read it. Finally, I feel like my writing skills get a work out which I am sure will lead to improvement.

Confession Number 2. This one is a big one. The Universe takes good care of me and I need to learn to trust. I had to make a tough decision this week and walk away from a job that just wasn't working. It left me feeling broken, miserable and extremely worried about how to make ends meet. Today though with some clever thinking on my part and a willingness to put myself out there I might have solved my financial problems and helped another organisation I am working for.

Confession Number 3. I love sunflowers. Even when I am totally down and out a sunflower can bring a smile to my face. Its not a serious confession. I just wanted to share the picture.

Confession Number 4. My weekend is full of possibilities. I can't decide whether to go here or to have a cruisy day in my neighbourhood and go here for a first time visit and then here for coffee and the best crepes in Melbourne. The weekend hasn't felt full of possibility for quite a while. Life has been too heavy.

Of course the other option for ensuring a wonderful weekend is to hang out at home in the studio

and work on current projects like this one

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Anonymous said...

I also love sunflowers and since the one in my backyard flowered this week, it is a cheery greeting for me every morning when I get up. I am also a great believer in universal provision and so am pleased that you have also been taken care of...