Sunday, February 17, 2008

No Words

There are lots of things to say about this week but I don't have many words. I do however, have pictures.

This is what my partner gave me for Valentine's Day. A flower from our garden and a cup of coffee in bed. So sweet.

And this is what I did with my weekend. Craft. I have been working on this picture for my little friend Abbey for months now and I finally got inspired and finished it off. I gave it to her last night when she and her folks came to our house for pizza night. Abbey isn't even 1 yet, but she smiled when she looked at it. It made me warm and fuzzy all over. Not to mention how much her parents loved it too.

The most significant and emotional part of the week for me was Sorry Day. The long overdue apology to Indigenous Australians for our past and present mistakes and ongoing injustices. I hope that it is a new beginning and I am contemplative about what part we all need to play in truly making it so.

Sunday again! This one thankfully feels a little less heavy.

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