Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy Rider...I wish

There's nothing fun about riding home at an average speed of 6 km/hour. My goodness it's hard work trying to get the body moving again after years of physical inactivity. I do love it though. I love the feeling you get when you are powering along and feeling full of strength and determination.

Perhaps bike riding is the perfect metaphor for life. Sometimes I'm freewheeling down hill through life at 32 kms/hr, the wind in my hair, unstoppable. Other days I'm struggling up the hills overwhelmed by the intensity and difficulty. I think somehow though the trick is to harness the downhill momentum to get you up and over the hills. Maintaining momentum is definitely something I need to work on. Both metaphorically speaking, and practically.

I am buoyed by my feelings of yesterday and the lovely and amazing comments that you all left me. Thank you. It's the community I've found in blogging that makes me feel that all things are possible. I was so scared. Part of me wanted to turn the computer back on and delete the post. The fears are so pervasive and seem so real.

I'm not stopping now. 6km or 32km an hour, I'm going all the way. I hope you will join me on the journey. What are your secret creative dreams? You know those ones that seem too scary to say out loud. The ones that fill you with possibility and carry you to a happy place. If I can do it, you can too. We'll do it together.

BLOGTOBERFEST is coming. Come back tomorrow. I'll tell you all about it.


CurlyPops said...

Oooh I love a bit of secret squirrel business...looking forward to learning about Blogtoberfest!
I'm picturing you now..pedalling down the street on your shiny new bike, wind in your hair....

Hoppo Bumpo said...

6km/hr sounds like a hill and I reckon it takes a brave soul to cycle home uphill!

Secret creative dream? Well, half my lifetime ago I used to draw (pencil, pastel, charcoal). Never kept it up and sometimes I feel sad that I wasted the bit of skill I had. So my dream in very small - I'd like to draw again (if I still can, that is). :)

Kali said...

i miss my old bike i sold when we moved from darwin to our new home south of hobart. i've often thought about getting a new one, but would probably 'die' trying to ride around these hilly roads! haha.
good on you for being so couragious and strong to follow your dreams..i for one will be cheering you on for sure.
my secret creative dream? hhhmmm, well firstly to stop being so self critical about my own work, to actually believe in myself enough to stop being crippled by self doubt. to encourage myself as i do others..
x, k.

The Vineyard Painter said...

Yes! Never be afraid to say, "I am an artist". Remember this quote by Pablo Picasso: "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

So, listen to your heart!

ps. Your image of the motorcycles makes me miss riding my motorcycles. A few years ago I decided it was too risky to ride anymore....oh, how I miss that daring feeling though and the wind and open road!

JustJess said...

When I have the courage, I will investigate being a writer, an editor, and a creator of confident craft. x

AnastasiaC said...

glad to hear you're enjoying the fresh air on your face bike riding home!! good for you!!
my secret creative dream - to finally get my paper goods business up and running...i really dont know whats holding me back - ive wanted to open an etsy store for SO long...i think its part fear part doubt - im getting better! your comments about my crafty goods are so kind!! really!! thanks for your support!!