Thursday, April 17, 2008

Milestones and Deadlines

I realised that Wednesday now passed me by and I didn't post my desk photo for the week. I am not even going to try and make it up this week. However, I think I have a good excuse - I was out last night with my partner celebrating our 8 year anniversary.

It feels like a great thing to celebrate spending 8 years of your life with someone. It is incredible to think about what we have accomplished and experienced together. 4 house moves, 14 jobs, 3 overseas trips taking in 8 countries, more interstate trips than I can count, great highs and horrible lows, success, achievement, illness, contented happy times, so much laughter, becoming non-smokers and every day life. I wouldn't change a single day of it.

Last night I was wondering what it will be like to go to dinner and celebrate 16 years. What kind of things will happen for us in the next 8 years, and the next 8 after that, and so on. When I look back at the last 8 it fills me with excitement to think about the adventures ahead.

Life is good if you remember to look at the big picture. The day-to-day smaller picture is hard work at the moment and has been for a few weeks now. I haven't been doing the things that are good for my soul. I have a task at work that is hanging over my head and dragging me down. I have been procrastinating and it has overtaken me. Instead of getting on with the job I have been focusing on how much I loathe doing particular tasks and how difficult my current work environment can be at times. Whilst it is truly a difficult environment and the task I have is made more difficult by the circumstances surrounding it, it still has to be done. I know that I will feel so much better when it is done and it will free up my energy to get back to doing things that I want to be doing. So, today is the day. I am going to get it moving.


CurlyPops said...

Happy Anniversary! ....and cheers for another 8!

Stacy A. said...

Cath, I knew you were on my mind for a reason. Congrats on the 8 years. That is really a huge accomplishment. Boy do I know exactly how you feel about that task at work. It almost paralyzes you. It hangs over everything you do and say, every breath. That feeling has gotten in the way of so many things in my life. It is so confusing and frusterating. Take a deep breath and just go little by little.
I am going to mail my art swap from Arizona so my mom can pay (he he) but it will be out by the end of the month. I will let Shelly know when I mail it. Hang in there hun! And Congrats again. Love Stacy

Juddie said...

Hey BigCat!

Happy anniversary! It's so lovely to hear that people are happy with their partners and really getting a lot out of life :-)

Good luck on the work front too - I'm sure things will be on the up and up soon ....