Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 29 - On My Desk

I tend to apply a very liberal definition to the word "desk" when it comes to playing along with Kootoyoo's On My Desk Meme. I always have so many projects happening around the place (just ask Ms L who will be sure to tell you how effectively I have taken over our house with craft and blogging and ideas for this and that). There's lots of things on various flat surfaces around the house today.

Some finished pincushions which I will gift to unsuspecting crafty people.

Some outbound packages. If you've been expecting a BLOGTOBERFEST package from me it will be on its way today. How exciting. I love sending packages.

I'm also posting a fabric swap off to No Life Without Wife. We arranged to have a swap a while back and my package arrived yesterday full of tropical French sunshiny goodness including a fabulous zine that she made.

It also included the most adorable softie. She's only about 6cm or so tall and has so much lovely detail. I think I'm going to take her to work to hang out on my desk. She'll be a little totem to remind me of my crafty dreams and goals.

There is also this amazing piece of fabric that I think I'll have some fun with. I might make a tote bag like this groovy one I saw over at Button Beauty.

I'm expecting my copy of Mix Tape to arrive in the post today so I'll have more goodness on my desk later most likely.

The one thing missing from my desk is winners for the giveaway. I hope to draw it later today. If I don't make it today I'll be around tomorrow.


Christina Lowry said...

I love the look of those packages! Also the softie is too cute... and it was "on my desk" at no life without wifes last week and now it is "on" yours... that's very cool.

angelique said...

I wasn't quite sure what to put in the swap parcel. First time and all but I hope you enjoy all the goodies. I have had that blue fabric in my stash for awhile now not quite knowing what to do with it. I hope to see a finished product someday.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yah! I was right! You were making pincushions! They turned out really well.

I know what you mean about craftiness taking over the house - it's the same at our place, and actually, my mother's a quilter, so that's how I grew up, it feels quite normal.

edward and lilly said...

Wow, great desk, you've been super busy as always!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love all your flat surfaces! Those pin cushions are beautiful.

THE ESSESS said...

Ver cute pincushions and the little softie is very sweet! Containing the mess is always hard but I figure it makes a house look lived in! Thats my excuse anyway!!

bex said...

what a friendly looking bunch of packages and presents.