Friday, October 24, 2008

BLOGTOBERFEST - Day 24 - Love Fridays

It's a happy day today with so many reasons to Love Friday. Firstly I found the little friend above in my garden today. Just sitting quietly.

I've been doing house chores tonight. What you may ask would I love about doing house chores? I'm cleaning house because the Thornbury Craft Bonanza is coming to town tomorrow. I'll be hanging out with Curlypops, Drewzel, Reenie-Su and Flightless Boyds doing paper crafts and lino printing along with plenty of gossiping and snacking. It's worth cleaning the house for that.

I've found a new op shop just around the corner from work and rode there on my lunch break today.
I didn't find any treasures but I'll be able to make a weekly visit with ease so I'm sure to stumble across some lovely goodies at some stage.

I got two emails today that made me very happy. The first one was to confirm my Amitie VIP membership and the second confirmed by subscription to Mix Tape.

I'm saving the weekly giveaway for tomorrow so come back then to see what I'm giving away this week.

How's your Friday anyway? I gotta tell you. I'm feeling a little bit like Potty Mouth Mama when it comes to blogging today. Not long now though.


CurlyPops said...

Yippee! Except for the cleaning bit...that sucks. Actually I was just thinking too that cutting lino is going to make a huuuuuuge mess!

Serena said...

I went to the art shop tonight and got some lino cutting stuff too !! I can't wait !!! Go Thornbury Craft Bonanza #3 !!

Lisa said...

Hurrah for your Amitie VIP invite, I got mine today too! Can't wait for the first mail out.

Donna Lee said...

Crafting get togethers are so much fun. It seems to make the creative juices flow more freely when you're in the company of other crafters.

Stacy said...

I feel like today is a blur of activity - good meetings at work and lots to do!

Sasparilla Sue said...

That dragonfly is HUGE!!! Sounds like you all are in for a fun time!

angelique said...

I hope you all have a lovely time and hope to see some of the products you make up on the big screen.

handmaiden said...

You have a great time on Saturday and look forward to seeing what you all got upto

Bellgirl said...

Ooh, looking forward to seeing the results of the lino printing, I love making lino cuts but I'm very scared of stabbing myself in the eye with the tools and fear wins out!

What a special garden visitor!