Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am here today to give BigCat one of her own spirit awards for cunning ways to avoid posting! (She doesn't know that I am doing this!)

Well, BigCat is making quite a day of it on this spectacular Melbourne Spring day! She had to help out at work this morning, but that provided opportunities for shopping at the farmers market afterwards, at the Collingwood Children's Farm, where we met this fine specimen of a rooster! (that was a long sentence, sorry)

The shopping included delicious goat's cheese, organic muesli, fresh rhubarb, lovely apples, and some fresh juice. YUM YUM.

The market really is quite a treat for the senses, with a farmers breakfast cooking, and other delights available - apart from all the fresh veggies, herbs and fruit - like meat, organic chocolate, lots and lots of different cheeses (BigCat's favourite food), cordials, iced juices, and so many other lovely things I cannot recall.

Anyway, BigCat is currently at Mixtogether, and I thought I would surprise you all and post on her behalf today. So WHO AM I?

I am a skilled baker and skilled couch potato.
I am an excellent classical guitarist and excellent embellisher.
I love reading and love BigCat.
I hang out with friends and hang washing.
I hate inequity and hate eggplant.
I really enjoy travel and coffee.

I AM ... Well I think you know.

So enough about me, what do you think of me?
Oh no, I can hear BigCat groaning - I do think I am quite funny sometimes!

As for Blogtoberfest, from my occasional visits, and BigCat's reports, it has been well received by y'all. For me, it is a roller coaster of fun and stress. I say more fun, fun, fun.

I must away. Keep on keeping on you festies!!! (Couldn't resist)

Hmm, that Ms L is a cheeky one huh? I had no idea. I arrived home to do a post and found it was already taken care of. That's me for the day then. Don't forget the giveaway if you're looking to collect some loot.


Shellbells said...

welcome to blog land !!! loved the post Me thinks that Big cat will be tickled!!! Have a great weekend. Maybe you should do a guest appearance every week!!! lol

CurlyPops said...

Hey Lou, that's a great idea. You can be Big Cat's guest host!
Sounds like you had a lovely morning at the market...that Rooster looks just like my old pet rooster named Ralph.

Taccolina said..., that's funny, because the crafty car-load who walked the bottoms off their feet today (us), also cruised through my kitchen and hoovered up all the cheese from the fridge. I wonder if crafters are like mice, and they ALL LOVE CHEESE!

Drewzel said...

Hello! What a fun post...yep, methinks guest festery posts from you are a must.
And a very nice rooster indeed. I luvs me a chicken!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's a great post! Fabulous to hear from Ms L!

AnastasiaC said...

Hey Ms L so nice to hear from you...a great post!!
cute rooster!

THE ESSESS said...

How funny! What a great idea to hijack a blog, I agree with Shellbells maybe you could be a guest host?...And I lloovvee markets too...
I remember Ms Curlypops rooster Ralph, she tied hayband around his leg ao she could take him for a walk! I wonder if we ended up eating him? I better check with Curlypops...

Bellgirl said...

Hi hijacker! Glad Bigcat had fun, hope she brought you home some cheese!

nomes said...

I think you deserve it Big Cats hip hip hooray lovey!!!! hey i'm running another comp if your interested?

Bec said...

Thank-you Ms L, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. And now once again I'm feeling very envious after reading this blog. This time, I'm husband would never do such a fun and thoughtful thing as to post on my blog....ah well, lucky he's a good cook...:P

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Ah, the illusive Ms L! Nice to meet you - when are you getting a blog too? Hope you will post again during Blogtoberfest.