Saturday, July 19, 2008

On My Desk - Catching Up With Me

I missed Wednesday's On My Desk. I didn't have much to show anyway.

Today is a different story. I have been cutting up a storm with my new rotary cutter, quilters ruler and my new found sewing skills. I have 3 tote bags and two crochet needle holders ready to sew.

I've set myself up with a little design book so I can keep my sewing notes and patterns together. It feels very serious and fancy.

It's a pity I have to work tomorrow and won't be able to spend the day sewing. However, I am thankfully starting to feel settled at work. I've been there about 7 weeks now and I feel like I've got to know people a little bit and them me. I'm also starting to get to know the job and take some ownership of it which feels really good. It's still very early days but I think it's going to be a good place to work and the role is going to suit me well. I feel like I have it in good perspective. I don't expect it to be good every minute of every day but more want it to be good overall. It's a different way of approaching work for me and feels much healthier.

While the intellectual/emotional settling in has required some attention, the physical environment has been an absolute joy. Every day it is a pleasure to be at work and experience what it has to offer. In the course of one day I can see, hear and feel art, animals, magnificent gardens, stunning architecture, the river,
bluebirds, laughter and such an incredible variety of people. I am loving the diversity of the place and the way winter sits like a blanket over it all. It's a place that has a rhythm and a heart and getting to know it is like uncovering a treasure. I will try and post some more pictures for you all this week.

Life has been a challenge over the last couple of months. I've alluded to it in some posts but mostly I feel that I have reduced my blog to snippets and occasional craft. There's a part of me that has been missing. Some difficult experiences have led me to question so many things about myself and to spend a whole lot of time worrying way too much about what other people think of me. It's been a combination of feeling totally out of my comfort zone in a new work environment, along with the emotional pimple and some other stuff mostly created and perpetuated by me as a result of the main causes. Now that I am finally relaxing in to work I've been able to let go of the other crap and get back to being my more usual self. Happy.

On Friday night I took myself out on a date. It was the first time in a while that I've hung out with me out there in the world. Shopping and dinner. It was lovely. Today I went grocery shopping and filled the house with healthy food for the first time in a while. I had a lovely dinner and a wonderful afternoon and evening hanging out with Ms L.

The other thing that's happened this week is that I've become a PT Cruiser. No, I'm not a car. I'm a public transport user. It's good. I like it. You can enjoy the world a lot more when you aren't driving and have time to take it all in. It also slows you down as you have to go with the flow more and do a lot more waiting. And of course, heaps more walking which is great for both my body and soul.

Now I'm catching up on my blog. Real blogging. The kind I like. A bit of the real me - warts, fears, rambling thoughts and all. I was inspired by Project Incomplete and this post she wrote, and I'm always inspired by Two Cold Feet and her candour.

I'm eternally grateful to the blogging community for kind words, friendship, escape, inspiration and laughter. Thank you to you all.


CurlyPops said...

What a lovely post Cathy...I'm so glad that you're starting to feel better, I think everyone needs a bit of me time every so often.
I love your notebook idea!

one little acorn said...

I always find good healthy food, lots of sleep and good exercise make the world seem a little bit brighter. Sounds like all these things (and more) are helping you in finding some calm and happiness again.
Glad to hear your work is going so well. What a great creative place to work. Lucky you!

Nikki said...

Great that you're feeling more on track and more yourself. I'll look forward to reading more of your blog with your renewed enthusiasm for it!!

Turning green with envy over your workplace....

Oh - and re: sewing classes - it'd be lovely to have you in one. I run beginners classes, too, so don't worry about brushing up your sewing skills before you come!!

Karin said...

I just wanted to comment that I struggle at times with feeling as though I'm not doing as much as I'd like with my blog but then again, it's not meant to be a burden. It's meant to be fun!

Giving yourself the gift of taking yourself out on a date is inspiring. It's so necessary, especially for creative people because this is how our creativity is fed, through quietly observing the world. Public transport is another way to do that, so you are right onto it! I used to take a little notebook with me and do quick studies of whatever I saw. Very satisfying. :-)

And nothing really satisfies as much as a really good meal. Amen to that!

Jenaveve said...

Oh wow, this post really struck a chord with me. I totally enjoyed the pure honesty of it.

The work thing sounds like it's starting to evolve beautifully (and sounds like not a bad place to be!)

Jenaveve said...

Forgot to say how cool that sewing design book is to keep your notes in. Great idea! Another fun part of the process.