Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is... The Space In Which I Create

Thanks to Quilting Mick for picking another great theme for This Is... Last year I when I was feeling completely unsure of where I was headed I started reading a book called "I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was" by Barbara Sher. This lead me to another of her books called "Refuse To Choose", for those of us who want to do it all. I found her books extremely helpful in getting some of the answers I needed, making some decisions and moving forward. In fact, I found her books life changing, but am just embarassed to admit that a self-help book helped me quite so much. Anyway, all of that is beside the point.

One of the exercises in "Refuse To Choose" was to draw a floor plan of your house and note down where in the house you had creative projects happening. Mine looked like this.

No wonder my partner sometimes felt like our old house was being overtaken by my projects. Now that we have moved to a much bigger house and I have the craft room it's not nearly as spread out. I love my craft room. It's a sanctuary and an expression of my soul. It's also a place where I can make as much mess as I want without inconveniencing anyone which is fantastic.

However, there's still creative bits of me around the rest of the house. At the moment I spend a lot of time in the lounge in the evenings with my knitting or crochet.

I have this lovely craft basket that my Mum gave me full of all the bits and pieces I need.

You can check out other places where people create if you visit Three Buttons.


one little acorn said...

Oh I SO need the book "refuse to choose"... There are just so many things I want to do - and not enough time (or space!). I think I could do with a bigger house too. Lucky you!

Michelle said...

Your space is great! I too spread out to the sofas (yes, both of them) plus also the spare room when I want to sit up late in my PJs and crochet without being interrupted by his snoring!

AnastasiaC said...

both books sound great - will have to look out for them!!
id love a room where I can just potter around and create!

Sherrin said...

what an interesting post... sounds like I might have to come and snaffle your copy of that book!! I'm surprised you didn't post a pic of your craft room- it's such a lovely little space.

CurlyPops said...

I can't keep everything in one space either, its impossible. I do try to keep it contained in baskets and things like yours though.
I started knitting with some of your wool tonight. I'm really slack and haven't posted yours yet but I promise it will go tomorrow! This babysitting thing is really curtailing my normal activities!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I like the sound of that book! I'm going to have to hunt myself down a copy!

That floor plan was great, and interesting idea, I wonder what mine would look like.

Isn't it great having a space to mess up. It's funny, my hubby doesn't worry about the mess (he creates enough of his own anyway), yet I always feel guilty about mine, with my own room, I don't have to care ;)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I don't think it matters how big your home is - it is hard to isolate all your creative supplies to one room! In any case, having knitting in the lounge room adds a nice homely touch! Love the idea of drawing a floor plan.

Jenny said...

I agree that the more space you have the more you need and the more you spread out! It is great to have easy to transport projects that can move with you from room to room

Lisa said...

Those books sound really interesting.

Your lounge looks like a nice comfortable space to relax with some craft.

Maureen said...

A room of one's own. I never
'got' that concept till this marriage which is funny since there are only the two of us in the house (well Sebastian too but you know what I mean...).

My dh couldn't care less about messes and I have become a bit more lax myself but I try to keep it picked up for my own sanity, not his.

I read the first Sher book ages ago but have never heard of the latter. I think the first one is one that helped me quite a bit when I quit one govt job after 10 years and was clueless. It's funny that after a two year time in work I thought I'd love, I was back in govt and happy. Just a change of scenery and boss...and the fit was good for 10 years.

Sounds like you are clicking with your own life. :-)

Bec said...

Ooooh, I love your basket of craft goodies. It looks like a lot of fun to rummage around in. It also makes me want to curl up on the couch with some knitting and a glass of red wine and watch an old movie....oh, ok, maybe throw some good dark chocolate into the mix too...go on then.....aaahhhh, lovely :)

Karin said...

Those books sound really good. Must have a look for those.

A bigger house would certainly be a bonus!! I've been thinking of altering our garage for now. Must get to that.

It's always so great to have a sticky beak in the This is.. Your creative spaces echo mine - yes, spread out!!

Leni & Rose said...

Yep, nothing like the comfy couch to do a bit of knitting! Hope there's a nice cup of tea there as well!

Love&Afros said...

Wow your couch looks a lot like mine!
I might look up the books you mentioned as I feel I want to do everything, for the rest of my life. Haha.
I wish I had a craft room! Its all I long for. Ahhh..

Danielle said...

That couch looks like a very comfy spot to do a bit of knitting or crochet... especially on a cold rainy night with a nice hot cuppa, some chocolate and the soppiest chick flick you can find!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Thanks for the tip about the books. You know that saying "a messy desk is a sign of genius"? I'm convinced it's the same thing in this instance. There are just so many ideas and notions floating around in our heads that we can't contain them all in one room.