Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Return To Sender

Last week I sent this box of to Curly Pops full of wool. Today it arrived back at my house. Are we cursing Australia Post? Not at all. It's not a mistake.

It has returned to me full of lovely fabric to add to my very small collection. It's not so small anymore. Curly Pops is so generous. There is so much fabric here. And look at all the different colours and designs.

This one just above is my favourite

There's even some vintage sheet with a lovely note telling me it's washed because I told Cam that I get a bit weirded out thinking about people having slept in the sheets before.

There are also some little extras to add extra delight. I love the card that the vintage trim is on so much. I want to use it for something extra special. Thanks so much Curly Pops.

Now, I need to put aside some time to really give sewing a go. What's a good way to start peeps? I have sewed before but never really passionately. I would say that I am very much a beginner. I love bags and have a pattern that Reenie-Su kindly sent me for a tote. I also have a softies book so I could try and make a softie, may even a Softie for Mirabel which Meet Me at Mikes organises every year. Opinions please?


Serena said...

Do you have a sewing machine? I'm happy to give you some lessons if you like (not that I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been sewing since I was little because my mum is an ace sewer). Or, Thread Den have good classes.

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh lovely - happy mail is the best!! happy sewing! i need to start on my softie for mirabel too!

CurlyPops said...

I'm so glad it finally arrived safe and sound....actually that was very quick...my mum only posted it for me yesterday morning!
I started out making an extremely simple version of a tote bag (it was really just 2 squares of fabric sewn together and a strap sewn on!
For a really easy tutorial try this one out:

If you have the softies book, there are a couple of really simple ones in there too.

Leni & Rose said...

Oh lucky you - look at all that gorgeous fabric!! No excuses to not make something - a bag sounds like a great start. My first project (only a few months ago myself!) was a pincushion that I sewed by hand. Tute was from here: http://www.purlbee.com/very-easy-pincushions/author/purlbee