Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On and Off My Desk - Wednesday

On the desk - a little bit of contract work that I am trying desperately to finish off to leave my last couple of days of holidays free.

On the desk - a major barrier to getting the contract work finished. The dreaded lurgy seems to be coming back around to get in the way of finishing my work and enjoying the last of my holidays.

Off the desk - my favourite man who is loving having me at home all the time. I had to go and get another chair for me cause he wants to sit with me while I work and play at the computer.

Off the desk - Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House are having a felting workshop on Saturday from 11am - 5.30pm. It's $50 and that includes all the materials. It's a beginners class. BYO lunch for yourself or something to share, and towels (apparently there is lots of water involved). You can pay on the day and they have plenty of places so you don't need to book or anything. I'm going along. If you decide to come let me know so we can say Hi.


Shellbells said...

am hearing you about the returning lurgy...tis lingering around me still too!!! hope we can both combat.. Enjoy the last of your break my dear


CurlyPops said...

Big Cat looks quite at home on his big chair....I hope your dreaded lurgy gets better soon!

one little acorn said...

I would have loved to do the felting workshop - but I have other plans already - hope you have lots of fun (and you are feeling a lot better by then too)!

Maureen said...

Well, I would like to try the felting workshop but I don't have the airfare...bwahaha.

Do get well before you are off to the new job. Our 4-legger will only go to dh's office. He scorns me.

Stacey said...

Isn't Big Cat a lovely, handsome fellow?
My cat loves to sit next to me when I am on the computer. Good company are cats.