Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Forget

Don't forget to join in the Art Swap. Absolutely everyone is welcome. It is very exciting. There are already 6 people signed up to participate. The theme is "In The Woods" and apart from that there are no real rules. You can use any medium you want to create something that represents the theme. You give your piece away to someone else who is participating and in return you get a piece of art. You have a month from the start date (sometime next week) to complete your piece and send it off. Once I know who is playing I will draw all the names and work out who is making for who. I will post it here and get everyone to send their e-mail and postal addresses to me so that I can pass them across to the appropriate people.

See I do all the logistics and you just do all the fun bits. Just the way life should be. Don't delay. Get on board. C'mon artsy people, join the fun. Sign up here or at the earlier message which you can navigate to here.

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